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Have a question or idea?
Have an idea for a show or script already done? Please feel free to email us with your ideas. The more input we receive, the better we can serve you and continue to grow. We are seeking writers, scripts, songwriters, acting talent,  audio, Foley/sound effects libraries, the list goes on. This could be your chance to contribute your skills to this project. Please choose the most appropriate email address from the list below so we may answer you as promptly as possible.

Contact Information

  • writers@virtuallyaudio.com
    For scripts, articles, reviews and related submissions. Please do not send us the article or script unless we have requested it. All inquiries are welcome to discuss your idea(s). For specific submission guidelines click here.

  • producers@virtuallyaudio.com
    If you have programming to add to our site that you think we would find interesting, give us a brief summary, your contact information and where possible supply your web site’s address. Do not send any materials at this time until you have initially contacted us.

  • sales@virtuallyaudio.com
    All aspects of sales for content and programming. For purchasing specific products for a series, please see our Product Sales section (coming soon).