Re-Broadcast: The Shredders Show

Jeff Pearson - Decade cover

To continue our All Prog Summer, we’re re-broadcasting our show entirely dedicated to that rare breed known as “shredders.” Yes, those guitar wizards that are faster than a speeding bullet and sometimes think that they can jump over tall buildings and don’t always play well with others. Musical heroes, and in some instances villains, cut a large … Read more

Re-Broadcast: The Really Big Prog Show

While we are busy working away stitching together the final bits and pieces of our upcoming new show called the “Women of Classic Prog,” we thought it would be a great time to pull out another one of our favorite past broadcasts, aptly entitled “The Really Big Prog Show.”   And big it certainly is, crammed full of … Read more

Re-Broadcast: “The Branches of Genesis: Steve Hackett and Anthony Phillips”

If you want to hear the reason why Prog Rock magazine choose Steve Hackett as best progressive guitarist of the year, lend an ear to one of our favorite previous broadcasts entitled “The Branches Of Genesis”.    The show features not only the esteemed Mr. Hackett, but also his predecessor, the very talented, Anthony Phillips, who was … Read more

The Shredders Show

Okay, batten down the hatches, it’s time for the Irrelevant Rock & Roll & Music Show’s very special Second Edition of the All Prog Summer. I can’t think of a better way to kick off the festivities than to feature a segment entirely dedicated to that rare breed known as “shredders.” Yes, those guitar wizards … Read more

Neil Young: “This Note’s For You” – Part 2: Side A – The 1980s

Holy Freakin’ Hanna, it’s finally here!  The long-awaited part 2 of “Neil Young: “This Note’s For You” – Neil in the 1980s show (Side A) Stuffed full of all kinds of facts, rumours, and lots of great music. Journey through the past with J Hoskins and Dr. Christopher Rutty as they both take you on … Read more

2013 International Record Store Day – Long Playing Extended Edition

Here’s the 2013 edition of the Long Playing Extended Record Store Show stuffed to the gills with musical suggestions and useful info for celebrating International Record Store Day. Join J. Hoskins & John Howarth as they feature music from Emitt Rhodes, Kieran Leonard, Babe Ruth, Warren Zevon and the J. Geils Band, plus a few … Read more

The International Record Store Day Show, Part 2

Okay it’s finally here, the 2nd part of the extended long playing record show 2012 edition, in which hosts J Hoskins and John Howarth continue spinning out the tunes from Yes, Ryan Adams and former Sharks and Baker Gurtvitz Army vocalist, Snips.  They also take a moment to give out some props to Toronto’s Sunrise … Read more