Cast and Crew

The Darrwin Chronicles
Written & Directed by Johnathon Hoskins
Produced by Michael Craig & Johnathon Hoskins
Associate Producers, Paul Slingsby & Liam Smyth
Original Songs & Music, Rod Brown
Design, Branding & Character Illustrations, Craig Norris
Comic Illustrations, Chris Rutty


Paul Slingsby
Christopher Darrwin; Quell; Jonas; Engineer; Journalist #2; Boggs’ Man

Marcia de Deckere
Katherine Braddock; Miss Abigail; Mrs. Montgomery’s Friend; Priest’s Niece; Mother at Train;
Background Characters at Cougan/Dawes fight

Justine Cargo
Isabella Maria Cortez; Annie Elizabeth Pride; Mrs. Montgomery; Miss Charlotte; Little Girl at Train; Wendigo
Background Characters at: Arties Bar; Train Crash; Cougan/Dawes Fight; and Bracken’s House of Ill Repute

Dylan Mask
Jesse Q. Martin; Boone; John Wilcox; Loring; Hillbilly Brother #3

Roman Struhanyk
Malachai Dorchesty; Cougan; Quint; Senator Polk New South Man #1

Phil Scala
Johnny Two-Bloods; Hop Shan; Senator Ferguson; Cowboy #1; Cowboy #2; Background Characters at Bracken’s House of Ill Repute

Sam Montesano
Michaels; Uncle Charlie

Michael Craig
Grimes; Sheriff Chester Thompson

Dave Barker
Zachariah; Robert Darrwin; Mr. Jackson; Deke; Brother Able; Williams; Mr. Carney; Cole; Old Sam; Grant’s Aide Lucas; Bracken; New South Man #2; Bar Keep; Hired Killer #2

Andrew Kines
Senator Longstreet; Brother Cain; Tobin; Sergeant Gates; Mr. Walker; Bob; Mendez; Mr. Boules; George; Bishop; The Captain; Sergeant Barnes; New South Man #3; Hired Killer #1

Berk Connery
Doc Burke; Boggs; Rank; Warden Briggs; Bret Darrwin; James Darrwin; Jack; Gabriel; Father McCory

Stephen McPhail
Jedadiah Goodacre; Cobb; Father Paul; Artie; President Grant; Cord; Splat; Corporal Fitz; Apparition Robert E. Lee; Azaroth; Journalist #1, Hillbilly Brother #1 & 2, Old Rebel Solder; Boone’s Gunmen #1 & 2; Brakeman; Injured Man

Eva Havill
Old Sal; Madame LaLaurie

“Motherless Child”
Arranged by Paul Slingsby
Performed by Marcia de Deckere, Berk Connery & Paul Slingsby


Executive Producer, Johnathon Hoskins
Art Direction & Graphic Design, Craig Norris
Web Design & Webmaster, Jeff Pearson – Web Alchemy

For The Darrwin Chronicles:
Assistant Director, Paul Slingsby
Production Manager, Roma Anderson
Assistant Production Manager, Wil Wong
Recording & Interim Production Manager, Stephen McPhail
Recording & Post-Production Supervisor, Dylan Vogel
Audio Production Editor, Dylan Vogel
Production Assistants, Alie Rutty, Rachel White & TWM Slingsby
Photography, Craig Norris & Alie Rutty
Live Event Coordinator, Justine Cargo – 2nd Star Events
Transportation, Paul Slingsby & Roma Anderson
Catering, Eva Havill & Michael Craig

Special Thanks
Jim Blokland & Rose Will
who without, none of this would be possible.

The Journey of Darrwin is dedicated to
Matthew Plaxton
fellow writer, actor and friend who left us far too soon.



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