Sectarian Wave

A girl with a identity crisis, a cowardly A.I., a ship unsure of her sexuality and the universe on the verge of imploding. And you thought you were having a bad day…

Written and Directed by Maninder Chana


Sectarian Wave

 Character Breakdown

KAIYA (lead): FEMALE, 20yrs.
Born out of a love between a human and a superhuman Sectarian, Kaiya is imbued with a host of powers, many of which she doesn’t understand and can’t control. Kaiya is irascible, perky, cocky, and loveable, unrefined and has a man’s sense of humour, having been taught little of feminine refinement. Thus she is also now coming into her own sexuality. She yearns for adventure and to find out her calling.

DRONICESS (lead): FEMALE, early 50s.
Evil, greedy, powerful. She is behind a plot to turn the Universe on its head and lead a parallel one in its place. She will also turn out to be a key factor in Kaiya’s final shift into her destiny. Dronicess is a name given to the leader of the Sectarians who is the one that gives and hands out orders to the race that protects the Universe. Nothing happens without her consent.

KEL (lead): MALE, 29 yrs.
Handsome, brave, cunning. A Sectarian who befriends Kaiya on her journey. They strike up a romance, but Kel is hiding one very deep secret from her. He’s already involved with her mother! Thus he is manipulative, but as his love grows for Kaiya he becomes torn between his feelings and his own greed.

TOS-5000 (lead) MALE, no age.
Kaiya’s A.I. Having replaced some of his chips, the 16th generation cyborg is pretty much afraid of his own shadow. But as the story develops, TOS takes on the role of hero and lover – thus it is a very multi-faceted role.

LOK (lead) FEMALE, no age.
LOK is more than just Kaiya’s ship. She has many female traits and is more than loving towards her master and commander. Imbued with female chips and hormone enhancers because she was initially meant to aid Sectarians through long periods of boredom, LOK’s interest in sex sometimes supersedes her sense of duty to Kaiya. Often, she tries to lure Kaiya into bed, promising her the comfort of her robot arms. But deep down, she really does care for Kaiya and takes her promise to protect her seriously.

MASTER PIAL (lead) MALE, 60s.
Wise, loving, kind. Kaiya’s father, although at the beginning and even at the end we wonder if this is really the case. He has suddenly appeared back in Kaiya’s life after 15 years. But his secretiveness leads Kaiya into the hands of Dronicess and possible catastrophe. He has a lot of past and present issues that are all coming to a head during the series.

LULLIPUT (lead) MALE, 50s.
Jovial, energetic, loud, fun and always hungry for human flesh. Viceroy of a race called the Yurgi that live in the Isis 12 galaxy. After Kaiya’s ship crashes on their planet (from which legend has it no one returns), Lulliput entertains them. But he quickly becomes a enemy and bands with Dronicess to get Kaiya.

SECTARIAN ADDIS (principal): MALE, late 20s.
Sectarians lead the charge to help bring an end to the implosion. Addis is the leader of a small renegade group that is trying to figure out what is causing an implosion to the Universe and why no one can reach Dronicess. He is strong, efficient, and intelligent and a born leader, but he is not without faults in judgement.

SECTARIAN VICTOR (principal): MALE, early 20s.
Victor is suspicious of what he’s being told about the Universe. He is doubting, practical and often chooses weapons over the spiritual powers Sectarians possess.

SECTARIAN WAN (principal): MALE, early 20s.
Wan is ship commander and is flip-flopping between belief and doubt. He is a great pilot, engineer and technical fighter.

OLET COMMANDER (principal): MALE, 40s.
Olets are a race of evil guys much like the Klingons except they are uglier, meaner, smellier and just not really nice. They are in cohoots with Dronicess to bring down the Universe.

FEMALE OLET (principal): FEMALE, 20s.
Protector of the control room, she is the baby of her Olet family, but twice the size and ugliness of any of the others. She battles Kaiya in the 11th episode.

Secondary Characters

COMPUTER (principal) FEMALE, no age.
The computer which holds the encyclocomp galactica. It is operated by voice and responds in like. Friendly but serious delivery and relays an introduction of the Sectarian world to the audience.

TOWER COMMANDER (principal) MALE, 30s.
An Olet Commander who relays messages and information to Dronicess.

OLET #1-12 (actor): MALE, 20-60.
Olets with various voices that deliver lines throughout battle sequences. The voices should for the most part be gruff.

YURGI #1-4 (actor) MALE/FEMALE
Four characters on Yurgi that deride Lulliput when he doesn’t deliver on promises of fresh human meat.

One line. “Dessert is served!” 5th episode.

The following are all Sectarians who aid in the final battle sequences and answer the call of Kaiya when she realizes her true power.