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About Dr. Dimension
>Dr. Dimension
(14 Episodes)
Original Book by John DeChancie and David Bischoff.
Adapted for audio by Steve Ziplow
Edited for radio by Brad TholenIt’s 1933 and the slightly crazed Dr. Demitrious Demopolous sets off for the stars along with his two lab assistants, the buxom and brilliant Diane Derry and the well-muscled (headed) Troy Talbert, in a space-time machine of their own creation! Along the way they meet an hilarious cast of aliens – – from Spon, the multi-tentacled Zen master, to Krillman – a holographic Borscht Belt comedian! With very little help from a pair of rival academic stowaways, the vivacious and conniving Vivian Vernon and her hen-pecked stooge, Geoffrey Wussman, Dr. “D” and his crew get caught between two battling inter-galactic super powers!! Now it’s up to Dr. Dimension to stop the war and save the earth from the scheming Drs. Vernon and Wussman!!!Winner of 1996 Publishers Weekly “Listen Up” Award for Best Science Fiction Audio.

Winner of Audioworld “Golden Headset” Award for Multi-Cast Recording.

Ziplow Background
In November 1998 we began editing our books into the radio theater series we call Theatro FantaZia. Theatro was released in the spring of 1999 and so far 6 stations have agreed to broadcast it. THE ROCKET MEN was netcast in March on the SCFI Channel’s website and DR. DIMENSION is being broadcast on two stations in Australia – Three D Radio and Encounter-FM. In 2000, DR. DIMENSION and THE ROCKET MEN are to be broadcast nationally in Australia over the CBCC (The Australian NPR or CBC).

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Website: www.ziplow.com Phone: 843.785.8190 · Fax: 843.785.8197 E-mail: ziplow@hargray.com