radio 2069

1. At Most Fear – 3:32
2. Interlude Mach 1 – 0:06
3. Floater – 9:40
4. Master of Nothing – 5:08
5. Everything is Fantasy – 6:46
6. Interlude Mach 2 – 0:08
7. Thankz Givingz – 7:59
8. Invader (Listen to the Sounds of Love) – 10:01
9. Interlude Mach 3 – 0:05
10. Pamus: Return From Mars – 16:47

What if we spent billions of dollars to get to Mars, only to get there and find out Earth was just as dead?

From the Album: Mars: 2010
Mixed by Krafty Brown

CD – $12.99 USD

$10.00 – MP3 Download

From the Album: Music 4/4 House Cleaning From the Underground
Mixed by D.J. Magz

CD – $12.99 USD

$10.00 – MP3 Download


Rod Brown, a.k.a. D.J. Krafty, Bluebeard, Rae Rae Willis

D.J. Krafty
Currently resident DJ Fridays, Saturdays and Mondays at Lime Light the Nightclub. He has played his show RETROMANIA for five years. A wild blend of ‘70s funk, disco, reggae and rock, mixed with ‘80s new wave, hip-hop, house and his wild world of cheeze.

D.J. Krafty’s alter-ego is the exact opposite. This music is electronic-based underground exploring most forms of techno music including drum & bass, house, downbeat and atmospheric trance. Bluebeard is most happy in his studio playing with his analog synthesizers, drum machines and samplers. He records live to CDR without the use of a computer. His goal is to perform live electronic music. RADIO 2069 is his ongoing project, which he has broadcast and performed live over the last 20 years, and is now currently preparing to go online as This music is available on broadcast CDRs and MUSIC 4/4 HOUSE CLEANING Volume 1, mixed by D.J. Magz

Rae Rae Willis
The musician alter-ego of Rod Brown has played guitar since 1969. He has performed original music throughout this time. He conceived RADIO 2069 as a 13-year-old and it has obsessed him ever since.

Composer, Jake Danger Series Parts 1 & 2
Composer, Twist, the Audio Movie