Flight of the Bumble Bee

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About Flight of the Bumble Bee
The struggle between the Amalgamation and the evil Consortium heats up as rebels assult the planet Quatro Cinco. Lieutenant Nancy Coy (Marina Sirtis, Counselor Deanna Troi, “Star Trek – The Next Generation”) is assigned to rehabilitate Kurk Manly, once the greatest and most handsome starship pilot in the galaxy, now reduced to a hopeless drunk – and put the interstellar kibosh on the rebellion. Deep dark plots, bone-rattling space battles, and rollicking Airplane-flavored humor combine with a wonderful original score to make this feature-length story a treat for the ears that sweep you away!

>The excerpts are taken from the 2 CD’s that span 2 hours featuring over 40 actors, original sound effects, and a full orchestral score!

Written by Larry Weiner and performed by the Radio Repertory Company of America.

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Radio Repertory Company of America