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About The Rocketmen
The Rocket Men
(5 Episodes)
Original story by Daniel Cline
Adapted and produced by Steve Ziplow
Directed and engineered by Brad Tholen

What if someone in the private sector reached the moon before NASA? Howard Hughes has the brains and The Mob provides the muscle to pull off the world’s first space mission – leaving an un-named “area” in Nevada and landing near a small desert town in New Mexico July 4, 1947!

Winner of the 1998 Silver “Mark Time” Award from the American Society For Science Fiction Audio!

Ziplow Background
In November 1998 we began editing our books into the radio theater series we call Theatro FantaZia. Theatro was released in the spring of 1999 and so far 6 stations have agreed to broadcast it. THE ROCKET MEN was netcast in March on the SCFI Channel’s website and DR. DIMENSION is being broadcast on two stations in Australia – Three D Radio and Encounter-FM. In 2000, DR. DIMENSION and THE ROCKET MEN are to be broadcast nationally in Australia over the CBCC (The Australian NPR or CBC).

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