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Intro paragraph for General Store: The Darrwin Chronicles takes place ten years after the American Civil War. In the aftermath an organization known as the New South has emerged from the smoke and ash, sworn to install a new confederacy by any means at their disposal. Thus begins Chapter 1 of The Darrwin Chronicles.image of Darrwin and katherine

Episode 1 The Beginning at the EndEpisode 2 The GatheringEpisode 3 Sign of the Three – Part 1Episode 4 Sign of the Three – Part 2
In the final days of the Civil War a young Boston lawyer, Christopher Darrwin, comes upon his father consorting with southern land owners in order to save their fortunes from the impending sacking of the south by the Union. Fueled by a sense of betrayal, having lost his two older brothers at Gettysburg, Darrwin guns down two unarmed ex-Confederate soldiers in a local bar and is forced to go on the run.

Finding himself in Texas, he becomes a hired gun for a less-than-reputable organization that perceives heads of cattle and the lives of men with the same regard. Spending the next ten years in a drunken and moral lapsed stupor, Darrwin relishes in his new found trade, swirling further downwards until he is finally asked to cross a line which he can’t and his luck runs out.

Alone, badly wounded and close to death, Darrwin’s fate is almost decided when he’s rescued at the last minute and placed in front of Michaels, a man with mysterious ties to both the ever-expanding railroad and President Grant. Michaels offers Darrwin a chance to redeem himself by enlisting him to join in the fight against the New South, a powerful secret cabal whose sole purpose is to bring around the advent of another civil war.

Wished god speed, Darrwin finds himself on the outskirts of small town in Arizona named Chloride City where, after arousing the suspicions of the local sheriff and his deputy, meets up with two of the people who will aid him in his future quest. Katherine Braddock, a feisty ex -prison nurse with demons of her own, and a former half-breed Indian scout, Johnny Two-Bloods, AWOL from the Seventh Calvary, together will form the first part of Darrwin’s new circle.

As Darrwin spends his days attracting unwanted attention waiting for the New South to make its first move, a devastating train derailment outside Chloride turns everything upside down. Former enemies turn into allies, strangers become friends, all of them coming together in an effort to navigate through the crisis they now find themselves in.

Here, Darrwin finds himself at a crossroads where his only two options are to either flee or to stay and help the people he has started to care about. Deep below the surface, something else is stirring and the burning inside that Darrwin has felt for so long is starting to get worse, much worse.

While Katherine and Isabella deal with the aftermath of the train disaster, Darrwin comes to realize that, as horrific as this may be, that this could all be an elaborate deception, set in motion by the New South in order to stage the assassination of President Grant.

As Johnny and Darrwin race to intercept Grant’s train, what they find in the end proves to be more than even Michaels bargained for.

Meanwhile, deep within the bowels of the prison, where Katherine once administered to its occupants, screams echo through the dimly lit corridors announcing something unholy is being created.

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