Director’s Music Notes

How music gets to a production is sometimes a strange and winding road. The Darrwin Chronicles was no different. When this creative journey started almost two years ago, the vision for the musical fabric that would eventually weave its way through the world of Darrwin was simple – the music of the great bluesman Robert Johnson sung by a female vocalist.

This concept stuck to the project for a long time. We had tried several combinations of musician and singer, as there were many different musical structures to string the theme together, but that particular muse eluded us.

After we attempted to work through this scenario with two different music directors – and a lot of good will – we still could not achieve what we originally set out to do. To discover the musical pulse that would surge through the characters and stories of The Darrwin Chronicles and make them come alive.

Finally, with only six months before the scheduled release of The Darrwin Chronicles, I turned to an old friend who had produced other audio series for me in the past. He was way too busy with numerous projects on the go, his life was complicated and he really didn’t have a lot of time, but taking chances and sometimes just dumb luck has played a big part in the creative evolution of Darrwin, so I sent him the script of the first episode.

At first there was nothing. Then one morning, two weeks later, I received an email telling me to look on my Google Drive. There, I was able to hear the first impressions of what would over the next three months become the DNA that would form the musical basis for the soundtrack of the series.

Raw, cinematic, and bred from the same notes that Mr. Johnson supposedly made his ‘deal with the devil’ for, the music of The Darrwin Chronicles was everything I imagined it to be, and more… Scottish lilts fused with blues motifs, Spanish ballads molded from the bare bones of old spirituals, exposed steel string guitar dripping with the sweat of the desert, and bold soundscapes that captured the expanse of a hard won and hard fought life.

This was the music that would draw us into the world of The Darrwin Chronicles. The music that gave us a glimpse of the stories and themes that we would get to explore as we immersed ourselves into the lives of the characters and followed them on their journey.

And now you get to hear it too.

— J. Hoskins

photo montage of classic blues singers, Sister Rosetta Sharp, Blind Boy Fuller, Leadbelly, and Memphis Minnie


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